Prevent Automatic Pool Cover Damage This Winter

Temperatures dropping? Protect your automatic pool cover this winter.


An automatic pool cover is an investment in your family’s safety and also the longevity of your pool. Now, as winter approaches, you may be wondering about how to care for your auto pool cover as the temperatures drop.

First, will my auto pool cover stand up to winter conditions?

Yes, an automatic pool cover can be a totally viable winter pool cover, particularly here in B.C. with our mild winters. There are some details you’ll want to pay attention to in order to protect your investment and keep things running smoothly while you dream of pool season.

1. Keep your pool cover water (and ice) free

Ice is made of our little friend water, so when it comes to maintaining your pool cover over winter, keeping water off the top of your cover is the first step in preventing ice from forming. Water can be removed with an auto pool cover pump that automatically sucks up excess water.

Why is it bad to let ice form on your automatic pool cover?

The danger with letting water and ice build on your cover is that it can build up, melt and pool on the fabric, creating a lot of weight. While pool cover fabric is extremely durable and can withstand a large amount of weight (think a bear or a golf cart), it’s still not recommended to stress your fabric. This type of wear and tear is totally preventable with a little TLC.

1. Keep pool water levels in check.

This is an important part of winterizing your pool and caring for your pool cover. Normal water level maintenance will help keep up the strength of your pool cover. When closing down for winter, it’s essential to keep water levels very high, preferably to mid-skimmer. Be sure to check water levels throughout the winter season. Find more tips for closing your pool down for winter on the blog.

2. Don’t skip the plugs

An important part of keeping water levels in check, thereby preventing damage to your pool cover, is a skimmer plug. When you plug the skimmer, it keeps water from entering the skimmer system. Use winter plugs for all openings, like jets and drains, to prevent water from escaping.

Make pool maintenance and safety a snap. Let the Pool Patrol install an automatic pool cover for your backyard in the interior and mainland B.C. for easy pool care and safety. Get a quote today.