A Pool Cover Specialist to Rely On

For Kelowna-based Reflection Pools, finding the right pool cover specialist means so much more than installation. That’s why they continue to rely on the Pool Patrol — the B.C. company that shares their values and cares for customers in the long term.

My name is Owen, I’m one of the owners of Reflection Pools here in Kelowna. We chose to work with Pool Patrol for a number of reasons. Number one was Al’s friendly service and his willingness to work with us on, and solve any problems, to deliver an awesome product and service to our customers.

But as years went on the relationship just got better and better and not only the product — but his philosophy with customer service has been the reason why we’ve chosen to work with them exclusively.

We use Pool Patrol exclusively for all our automatic pool cover needs, whether it be from original pool cover installation to refurbishing to replacement of fabrics. The service goes far beyond the initial installation.

My favorite part about working with Pool Patrol and with Al is their philosophy towards their product and their pool cover installation. They believe the same as us — their products have to be the best and our customers have to be satisfied. That goes on for years and years after the original installation and Al shares our philosophy so it makes it really easy to work with them.

Absolutely I’d recommend the Pool Patrol. Automatic pool covers have been a fantastic product, their service is outstanding, and they stand by their product and that’s a big thing for us in the industry because our customers expect us to stand by it. And when you’re dealing with a company who stands by their product, it makes life really easy.

I’d recommend Pool Patrol to anyone. As far as I’m concerned, they’re one of the best pool cover specialists in the industry in our area and their product is certainly the best. 

Go for B.C.’s best pool covers. Your local Pool Patrol has 20 years experience installing and servicing automatic pool covers and fences. Contact us through our website or call 604-210-4186 (Vancouver/Victoria) 778-400-0803 (Okanagan/Kelowna) to get started.