10 Reasons to Have a Pool Cover

An infinity edge pool cover closes over a pool in the Okanagan. An automatic pool cover is a must-have for pool safety, maintenance, and more.

You already have the pool, so why do you need a pool cover? A pool cover really is your summertime best friend, and we’re going to explain why. Here are 10 reasons you need a pool safety cover:

1. Pool covers save lives

Hands down, the security of a pool safe cover — especially if you have little ones running around — cannot be beaten. A pool cover helps remove the worry and nagging voices from the back of your mind when it comes to pool safety while your pool is not in use. Remember: no pool cover can replace adult supervision when around the pool.

2. Pool covers are durable

That investment in your family’s safety will last. You can expect the fabric top of a pool safety cover to last 6-10 years before needing to be replaced.

3. Installing a pool cover only takes one day

You might hesitate to install a pool safety cover because of wait times. Generally, after a deposit has been received, delivery takes 2-3 weeks and the Pool Patrol can install your cover immediately after, with only one day of installation and practically no disruption to the serenity of your backyard.

4. They’re money well spent

If you’re wondering, “But how much does an automatic pool cover cost?” Installing an automatic pool cover over an existing pool costs roughly $12,000 – $13,000 (cover only). Going for a manual pool cover that operates with a crank can lower that cost even further — almost by half. For the peace of mind that a pool safety cover offers, that’s definitely money well spent.

5. Yes, you can walk on a pool cover

While they’re not created to be walked on, you’d be surprised by how much weight a pool cover can hold without causing damage when your pool is properly filled. Our tech will walk on your new pool cover to demonstrate its strength after installation, and we’ve got footage of bears, moose, and even a golf cart on pool safety covers with no harm done — not that we recommend a zoo on your cover.

6. A pool cover can be installed on your already existing pool

There’s no need to worry about whether we can make a pool cover work for your existing pool shape. Freeform, kidney, infinity pool, and more, we’re able to handle your swimming pool cover. If you’re building from scratch, it’s best to work with the contractor creating your pool.

7. You can colour coordinate

Some people worry about the aesthetics of covering a swimming pool. With Pool Patrol, you can choose from eight different colours to keep your yard looking sharp and matching your outdoor decor.

8. Pool covers save on energy and maintenance

Because a pool cover sits on top of your pool, it helps maintain temperature and, in turn, saves you energy heating and chemical costs along with extra cleaning. In the Okanagan, that can amount to a 70% savings on operating your pool.

9. Keep out leaves and debris

It’s pretty straightforward, but by covering your pool you’re saving it from excess leaves, dirt, and other debris that need to be cleaned from it for your enjoyment.

10. You can use your pool cover in the winter

Your automatic pool cover is also your winter pool cover. While some pool owners get nervous about using a pool auto safety cover in the winter, so long as the pool is winterized properly and filled up to normal levels your cover is fine all year long.

If you’re looking for a pool safety cover or pool fence installation in the lower mainland or interior B.C., the Pool Patrol is here to help keep your family safe. Contact one of our pool specialists today to get started.