Can I walk on these pool covers?

Yes. Although not a dance floor or a sport court, a person could easily walk across it if needed.

How much weight can it support?

How much weight did you want it to support? I have had a Nissan pathfinder end up partially on one (the car was fine but the marriage didn’t survive). Remember it is the water that is supporting the cover so as long as the pool is full they can support plenty.

Are all pools good candidates for an auto safety cover?

Although all pools should have a safety cover, some pools just will not accept it. Obviously existing pools present some limitations but if you are building a new pool some simple compromises in the design will allow a cover to be properly installed.

How long will my cover last?

Most of the components will last a long time with just minor yearly maintenance but your fabric will wear out eventually. It is like tires on a car…you don’t need a new car, but eventually depending how much you drive and how you take care of your tires, they will need replacing. We would expect to get 7 years or more from your fabric, depending on your water chemistry. A new fabric will cost roughly 15-25 percent of what the system cost you originally.

How much do they cost?

Due to the custom nature of the product this is a tricky question. It is like asking, “what does a car cost?” It depends a lot on the size of the pool, how it will be incorporated into the pool, and what type of features you may want. I would encourage you to speak to your pool builder and for existing pool owners please send us a picture so we can speak intelligently about your quote and not just throw out numbers. Like the granite countertops you have chosen for your kitchen, the cover will add costs, but it is an obvious choice.

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