Although not intended to be walked on, our covers can hold an enormous amount of weight as long as the normal water level is maintained. Often after our installation and during our customer orientation, our techs will walk on the cover to demonstrate the strength of the cover.
We have some great pictures and videos with a moose, some bears, and a golf cart on a cover ( not all at once), with no cover damage.

Yes, we can- provided there is enough deck space to form a rectangle with no raised objects ( elevated hot tub, rock features) in the way. Typically we need a minimum of 2’ of space on the deck area at both shallow end and deep end. A pool ladder can be hinged and we would need a minimum of 14” of clearance if the mechanism is to be mounted at the deep end.

New build: $17,000- $20,000, we would encourage you to speak to your pool builder.
Existing pool: $14,000-$15,000 (cover only). There are electrical concerns and in some cases a person may want to build a bench over the mechanism which would add to costs. We have some talented carpenters that we have worked with that we can recommend.

We have 8 standard colours. The dark grey (charcoal) remains the most popular, with the dark blue a distant second. The darker colours definitely absorb some heat but I encourage customers to get pick the colour they prefer and try not to ‘match’ other items, rather compliment any colour scheme that you are working with.


Typically, once the deposit (50%) has been received and the order has been finalized, we are 2-3 weeks to get the delivery and can install immediately after it arrives. Installation is typically one day only with as little disruption to your backyard enjoyment as possible.

 Typically a fabric will last 6-10 years, depending on how it is cared for and the environment that it is exposed to. Improper water chemistry plays the biggest role in early deterioration. Fabrics that are cracked, have holes, or look generally worn out, should be replaced. From a distance the cover may look not too bad, but upon closer inspection you may notice deterioration which can affect the covers performance and safety. Please be sure to inspect your cover and contact the pool patrol if your cover needs replacing.

We have two locations. Since 1995 we have been located in Vancouver and servicing the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, Whistler and points in between. We have a team of technicians, some of which have been with us for 10 years or more.
In 2019, after years of servicing the Okanagon from Vancouver and finding it challenging and expensive, we opened a warehouse in West Kelowna and hired a full time local service tech and installer.
In 2021 we have hired a second service tech to work out of our Kelowna office and our proud to be the Okanagan’s local cover provider, offering prompt and reliable service.

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