Pandemic Pool Cover Service Season Ends

October 14, 2021

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We’re reflecting on a second pandemic pool season at the Pool Patrol. Our team is exceptionally proud of the versatility we’ve shown the last two years. It’s allowed us to continue installing automatic pool covers and safety fences so families in the lower mainland and interior BC can have peace of mind while enjoying their swimming pools. Learn more about what a pool safety cover can do for you and your family.

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Hey guys, it’s been a few months since we’ve talked last we’re ready to do our next vlog. Welcome to the end of pandemic pool season number two, we’re going to go upstairs and answer a few questions, elaborate more on things that we did right, things we need to improve on, and meet a couple of the guys. Come on in.

Everything changed for us when the pandemic hit, everybody froze. Then the sun came out and people realized that the sky wasn’t falling. They realized that a pool in the backyard was actually an amenity that they wanted to have. Some of our challenges at the Pool Patrol were really meeting customers’ expectations. Really trying to meet the deadlines that our pool builders had for our residential customer’s swimming pool covers and pool fences. Keeping those timelines reasonable, realistic, and meeting them.

We had a plan in place for the same growth that we were used to. When we grew so much quicker and so much faster, we had to start all over and decide: How are we possibly going to have inventory? How will we inventory control? And all the decisions that we had made in previous years before the pandemic, none of those decisions mattered anymore. Now we had to rewrite the script on the fly.

The strength in the Pool Patrol relies heavily on its employees, that leadership comes from the top, from me, but without my employees and their commitment, we would never have gotten to where we are now.


The past year with COVID has been absolutely crazy. We thought it was going to slow straight down and we weren’t sure what was going to happen. And it was quite the opposite of that. Things have been booming. The phone has been ringing off the hook with people looking for the best pool cover. We’ve just been rocking and rolling.

The biggest challenge I face is probably having to say no to people. And unfortunately, we can’t always get to everybody exactly when they want us to. I think we’re pretty good at time management and getting to everybody’s pool cover service calls within a few days. But the reality of it is, there’s just a lot of people to look after. So we get to people, it’s just tough to say no to them.


Working for Pool Patrol during COVID has been interesting. One of the things I definitely like is the safety aspect of it. Installing a nice automatic pool cover over a pool for a customer that has young children. It feels nice to just add that safety to their yard and their property.


At the end of the day. We’re blessed to be in a space where we can be prosperous, customers appreciate what we do. We appreciate their business. We’re looking forward to providing an even better consumer and customer experience in 2022. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you in the spring.

The Pool Patrol are pool cover specialists with 20 years experience in installing and servicing automatic pool covers and pool fences in BC. Contact us to get started.

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