How the Pool Patrol Reduced Pool Cover Packaging by 70%

November 05, 2021

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Climate change is on many people’s minds right now, and that includes the Pool Patrol. We know that automatic pool covers save energy and reduce chemical use, but we needed to do more. We made a dramatic commitment to waste reduction — and reduced our packaging by 70%. Watch on to learn how.

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Hey everyone, welcome back to the Pool Patrol vlog. I know we said the last one was the last one, but we actually have a more important topic to talk about today. And it’s about climate change and what’s going on in the world right now.

One of the things we had to do at the Pool Patrol was change some of the ways we’re doing business. It came down to packaging, too much styrofoam, we had to get rid of it.

Cardboard, we tried everything, we could turn it into school supplies, did what we could, the reality is no more cardboard. We needed to reduce it quickly. One of the things we’ve done is bulk buy and bulk ship. So you can see all of our systems now, unlike before, when they were in massive boxes, now our systems are packaged more like this individual, they go to the job site with much less packaging than they ever did.

It’s one of the things we’re changing at the Pool Patrol.

So one of the benefits of reducing our packaging, of course, is we’ve got way more space: less packaging, more space. And as you can see here behind me this represents about 12 to 15 pool covers with zero packaging whereas in the past we’d have an overwhelming amount of packaging and not enough space.

The way we were doing it before, as you can see in some previous photos, there was too much packaging. Behind me is a great example of five pool covers on their way to the coast to various job sites. And as you can see, we reduced our packaging by about 70%.

It also allows us to make sure those pool covers get there safely, properly, no dents no dings, we know exactly what we’re getting, and best of all — very little packaging.

All of our customers realize the safety benefits of an automatic pool cover and a lot of them are understanding the other benefits of an automatic pool cover with less evaporation, less chemical use, and way easier to heat your pool, keep your pool clean.

But the other side of things that the Pool Patrol is really working on now, is watching what our packaging, our cardboard, our styrofoam, our used vinyl, our plastic pallets … where are they all ending up and what’s happening to them.

Our urban farmers love our used vinyl tops, so that’s a big one. We go through a lot of replacement vinyls and we don’t want to put those things in the landfill either. Urban farmers love them. Our plastic pallets are being upcycled on farms for wood storage. The wood pallets break down, the plastic ones never do. The farmers love them so we’re able to get rid of them that way.

All these things are the changes that the Pool Patrol has had to make, this year especially. And every company has to have a conscience and this was weighing on our conscience. All those benefits are huge and really important to the Pool Patrol.

Work with a company with a conscience. Automatic pool covers are peace of mind for you and your family, and we’re reducing our waste to have a bit more peace of mind for the planet. Contact a pool specialist in Interior and Lower Mainland BC today to get started.

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