Pool Patrol Removable Pool Fences

In addition to pool cover product offerings, Pool Patrol’s pool safety options include removable mesh pool fences.

Benefits of Removable Pool Fences

Removable mesh pool fences are an excellent alternative when an automatic pool cover is not feasible. Removable fences, like powered pool safety covers are an effective barrier for small children and pets, providing security and safety to your pool.

Our pool fence satisfies safety standards of ASTM, social services and even some building codes.

Poolpatrol focuses on providing the best quality products in pool fencing and covers because quality directly affects safety of our products. A removable pool fence is an effective physical barrier to keep small children away.

Removable pool fences can be installed around virtually any type and shape of pool.
Raised planters, sloped hill-sides, raised walls, steps, grass, and almost any landscape feature are not a problem.

Nothing could be simpler to use than a removable pool fence and because of that it is likely to be used over time. Just open the gate and you have instant access to the pool area. Another great feature, our removable pool fence is completely removable without the use of tools.

Look For These Top Pool Fence Features

Not all fences are equal, the best fences will be durable and keep your family as safe as possible for as long as possible. Look for these quality features when shopping for a pool fence.

Self-Closing Gate
The most important feature of a removable pool fence is the gate because this is where children most commonly attempt to enter the pool area. Our gate is the most innovative, strongest truss system and design. The tri-truss system supports the gate not only from side to side but also from front to back ensuring our gate has a solid, reliable support structure. Our design makes the Triton gate climb-resistant.

Other benefits of our gate:

  • Unique, self-closing hinges angled on top to help keep children from getting a foot-hold
  • Completely removable without the use of tools unlike other fences

The second most important part of a removable pool fence is the pole holding up the fence. Our pole uses is the strongest pole available yet has the added benefit of requiring the smallest deck hole so you don’t end up with large holes all over your deck.

Our ClearGuard mesh is the most transparent in the industry. It is constructed with a special weaving technique resulting in a stronger mesh with larger holes for improved transparency.

Popular Safety Pool Fence Sizes In Vancouver, Victoria and Okanagan

Our removable pool fences are available in heights of 4 ft. and 5 ft. Fences are offered in brown, beige, green, gray, and black to match your decor and pool surroundings.

Pool Fence Models For Pets

Pet safety is also a concern for many homeowners who want to protect their pets around the swimming pool. For these customers we offer the same removable pool fence product with a specialized pet mesh that makes it more difficult for the animal to claw or chew through it. Pet mesh is made with a tighter weave than normal making it less transparent than traditional mesh.

Installations In Vancouver Lower Mainland, Victoria, Okanagan and Langley

Pool Patrol has been involved in pool safety products for over 15 years and have hundreds of satisfied clients from all over BC. Contact us for a quote!


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    Although not intended to be walked on, our covers can hold an enormous amount of weight as long as the normal water level is maintained. Often after our installation and during our customer orientation, our techs will walk on the cover to demonstrate the strength of the cover.
    We have some great pictures and videos with a moose, some bears, and a golf cart on a cover ( not all at once), with no cover damage.

    Yes, we can- provided there is enough deck space to form a rectangle with no raised objects ( elevated hot tub, rock features) in the way. Typically we need a minimum of 2’ of space on the deck area at both shallow end and deep end. A pool ladder can be hinged and we would need a minimum of 14” of clearance if the mechanism is to be mounted at the deep end.

    New build: $17,000- $20,000, we would encourage you to speak to your pool builder.
    Existing pool: $14,000-$15,000 (cover only). There are electrical concerns and in some cases a person may want to build a bench over the mechanism which would add to costs. We have some talented carpenters that we have worked with that we can recommend.