Pool Covers for New Pool Builds

Finishing Touch: Pool Safety Covers For New Pools

A new pool isn’t complete without the proper safety precautions. Automatic pool covers are ideal for both conventional and infinity edge new builds. The right cover will save time and money in the long run, while keeping your family safe.

Automatic Pool Safety Covers

Automatic Pool Safety Covers

An automatic pool cover is a safety and efficiency workhorse for your backyard. Running on motorized tracks, a pool cover creates a safety net between you and your pool at the push of a button while blending seamlessly into your backyard landscape.

Infinity Edge Pool Covers

Infinity Edge Pool Covers

An infinity edge (or vanishing edge) pool is a visually stunning addition to any backyard. By pairing your new infinity pool with an infinity edge pool cover, you create a safe, cost-effective and aesthetically appealing cover that will prolong the integrity and beauty of your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The following price is a guideline. To get an estimate for your specific pool or a greater idea of what your pool cover may cost, get in touch.

Automatic pool cover for a new pool (conventional and infinity edge): starting at $20,000

For new pool builds, both conventional and infinity edge, we would encourage you to organize your order through your pool builder.

Manual covers are limited by the size of the pool and can only be installed on smaller pools. While it may be possible to install a manual cover on your new pool, we would generally suggest an automatic pool cover for a new build.

By incorporating the auto cover tracks into the new construction, the automatic pool cover will blend seamlessly into your backyard and will have the convenience of opening and closing at your fingertips.

If you are building a new pool we encourage you to contact your pool builder to organize your order. Pool Patrol will then be able to work directly with the pool builder to install the tracks for your automatic pool cover while your new pool (conventional or infinity edge) is in the construction phase. 

If you’re interested in a pool cover for an existing pool,contact us directly.

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pool patrol pool covers

Absolutely Impressed! Hi Allan: I wanted to thank you again for responding so quickly to my pool cover problems. After two summers of waiting for repairs to come ‘from the Coast’, only to find the same problems had been left unresolved…I’ve now got a permanent solution. The fact that the pool cover was a competitor’s product makes me all the more impressed. Every now and then service exceeds your expectations and Pool Patrol has restored my belief that still can happen. Keep up the great work with the local approac...Read more

— Laurel Thomas

Hi Allan, I am so impressed with the quality service provided by Pool Patrol. Our pool cover looks beautiful and functions incredibly well more than 5 years after it was installed. Whenever we have had an issue with our cover Allan has responded quickly (even over a weekend) to facilitate its repair. I would recommend Pool Patrol without hesitation to anyone! May you and yours stay safe and healthy during these crazy times. Thank you again!...Read more

— Debbie

I would like to start by saying that the Pool Patrol and specifically Allan are life savers. After falling into a bad situation with a less than than reliable company that was supposed to install a pool cover and instead took my deposit and never delivered, I contacted Allan and he agreed to help me out. He went above and beyond what I would have expected as far as taking the time to give me options, advice and then executing a plan that we agreed on. The pool industry is one that doesn’t seem regulated but if it w...Read more

— Darcy Smith

These guys are awesome. If you are thinking of putting in a pool cover, I would highly recommend them. Very professional and a great product!...Read more

— Wes Jones

As a pool builder in Kelowna we strive to ensure that our customer service is a top priority. With that comes an expectation that our suppliers provide good customer service. Over the years we have come to trust and rely on Pool Patrol’s products and customer service. Pool Patrol has provided outstanding service to both us and our customers.The Auto Cover Product they supply, APC, has proven to be a superior product to anything else we see in the local pool market. When a superior product is backed by outstanding c...Read more

— Owen & Brian, Reflection Pools, Pool Builder

Dear Allan, My husband and I would like to thank you for such wonderful service. I phoned you in a panic one morning when our pool cover would not close. Since we have young children and dogs, we are extremely careful when it comes to pool safety. You were quick to respond and managed to arrange for one of your technicians to come that same day. He was professional and immediately fixed our problem. Thank you for all of your help. A very happy customer!...Read more

— Haylie Segal

Allan Thank you for the excellent service on my 6 year old cover. It is working better than when it was installed. The alignment is perfect. Thanks again!...Read more

— Wayne Symington

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