Colour Coordinate: Durable Pool Cover Fabrics

Your pool cover will always look sharp with premium, quality fabrics in eight different colours.

Did you know that older pool cover fabric can not only be unreliable but unsafe? It’s kind of like driving on bald tires—you might get away with it, but it’s not a good idea.

We are pool cover specialists with over two decades of experience, and that includes replacing your old fabric. Upgrading your worn out pool cover with durable new fabric, takes the stress out of the other components of your system.


You can expect new, properly installed pool cover fabric to last about eight to 10 years.

Quality and colour

Our premium grade fabrics are available in eight colours, so coordinating with your backyard is easy. We also use Invisa-ropes, which are the strongest in the industry. Our tensile strength fabrics don’t experience the brittleness and cracking of other, lower quality pool safety cover fabrics.

Attention to detail

We pay extra attention to the finer points of sizing and installation so you won’t have problems like an ill-fit, sag or slack fabric. We also include a full tune-up involving pulleys, gliders and guides to ensure the cover is running smoothly. Our goal is to get your cover system looking and running better than new.

Our locations in Vancouver and Kelowna are ready to serve you. If you’re interested in replacement pool cover fabrics or have questions, get in touch.


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Express Yourself In Eight Different Fabric Colours

Our pool safety cover fabric is custom made for your pool, and lasts up to 10 years—so take the time to select the colour that will work best with your yard from our eight options.

The colour you select is a purely personal choice, there are no differences when it comes to wear and tear or fading. While darker colours may absorb some heat, at the end of the day you’ll be looking at this fabric for 8-10 years, so we encourage you to select a colour based on your preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We have eight standard colours with charcoal gray being the most popular, followed by navy blue. All our colours perform the same and your choice will not impact performance, fading or wear and tear. While darker colour can absorb some heat, we encourage customers to select the colour you prefer the most and matches your backyard colour scheme.

Pool cover fabric, when properly maintained and depending on environmental factors, should last 8-10 years. Improper water chemistry plays the biggest role in early deterioration. 

Fabrics that are cracked, have holes or look generally worn out should be replaced. From a distance the pool safety cover may look fine, but be unsafe.

Pool safety cover replacement fabric costs start at $4,000.

Every pool cover fabric we work with is custom made for your pool. You can expect to have your new fabric installed roughly three weeks after placing your order.

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