Safety Covers for New and Existing Pools

Vancouver Automatic Pool Safety Covers

Are you looking for automatic pool safety covers in Vancouver? The Pool Patrol has been serving the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley and Victoria since 1995. Since then we have installed and repaired hundreds of pool covers from Abbotsford to West Vancouver. We specialize in automatic pool safety covers, infinity edge pool covers and manual pool covers in BC. As a leader in the Vancouver pool cover industry, our focus is exclusively on pool covers.

As the founder and president, and more importantly as a father of two children under the age of 4, I realize the importance of pool safety and I am pleased to offer my customers the peace of mind they deserve.

Easy To Use

Our automatic pool covers offer the easiest way to keep your pool covered. With a simple turn of a key or press of a button your pool is protected in under a minute. The durable and powerful track mechanism and motor offer you the most advanced cover system on the market today and are available exclusively in Vancouver from The Pool Patrol.

Safety For Your Children and Pets

Our covers are strong enough to stand on! Or extreme cases they are strong enough to hold the weight of an electric cart as shown above. While a safety pool cover offers many benefits for pool owners, the primary one is the prevention of drowning. Automatic pool safety covers as the name implies is a safety device first. The extra durable cover acts as a horizontal fence, sealing off the pool and preventing accidental pool entry by children, pets and uninvited guests. The covers are sturdy enough for an adult to walk on.

Customized For Your Pool

Our pool cover systems are made especially for your pool. We can help you choose the system to match your pool, design, and budget. Each custom automatic, safety swimming pool cover system includes standard or optional components including:

  • pool specific track systems for concrete, vinyl or fiberglass and any pool shape
  • mechanism coverings to protect and retain the aesthetics of your pool
  • motor or hydraulic power options to suit your needs
  • standard fabric colours or choose from extended special order colours
  • control and automation of pool features and cover
  • automatic water-removal pumps come standard with every new system

Professional and Friendly

From consultation to installation, we listen to your needs and provide expert advice and knowledgeable service to provide you a quick installation in a friendly manner.

Quality and Reliability

There is a reason our safety pool covers are made with innovative technology and cutting edge manufacturing. With proper maintenance our pool covers last for years.

Solid Warranty

The automatic pool safety covers we sell come with the most time proven warranties in the industry. Our products have decades of experience supporting our warranties. You can stand on our reputation.

Our warranties cover the automated swimming pool safety cover itself and warranties for the fabric and pump.

Safety Cover Offers Safety and Great Return On Investment

Besides offering worry free safety our automatic and manual pool covers saves heat, chemicals and cleaning. By extending equipment life our pool covers quickly pays for itself. You can save up to 70% on operating costs in Vancouver. Contact us today for a quote and pool cover consultation.

Phone 604-329-7077 or use our handy Contact form to send us a photo of your pool so we can better evaluate your needs.

Allan Horwood, owner
The Pool Patrol

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Frequently Asked Questions

All FAQs

The following prices are a guideline. To get an estimate for your specific pool, get a quote.

Automatic pool cover for a new pool (conventional and infinity edge): starting at $20,000

Automatic pool cover for an existing pool: starting at $15,000, cover only

For new pool builds, both conventional and infinity edge, we would encourage you to organize your order through your pool builder.

Using a system of tracks and a motor, an automatic pool cover securely covers and uncovers your pool with the push of a button. When covered, the pool safety cover prevents potentially devastating accidents around the pool, helps maintain water levels, reduces energy use, and maintains cleanliness by keeping debris like leaves and dirt out of your pool.

Yes! We encourage you to contact your pool builder if you’re considering an automatic pool cover for a new pool. We will then be able to work directly with your pool builder to begin pool cover installation in the construction phase. After the pool is complete, Pool Patrol will return for a one-day job to install the cover with minimal disturbance to your backyard.

Yes we can, provided there is enough deck space to form a rectangle with no raised objects in the way, like an elevated hot tub or rock features. Typically we need a minimum of two feet of space on the deck area at both the shallow and deep end.

Existing diving boards and ladders are generally unobstructive and should not interfere with our ability to install an automatic pool safety cover on an existing pool.