Get Your Kids In Your Pool & Having Fun – Safely!

safety pool covers for kids' safety
Get out the pool noodles and the beach balls, it’s time for summer fun!


School is out and the kids are back to lounging on the couch. Let’s get them moving and grooving by the pool. There is plenty of splash to be had – we thought we’d take just a few minutes to share some pure fun.

After all, we’re pretty fun people ourselves!

Beach Ball Races.

Get Ready…. Set…. Go!

How To Play:

  • Line up the kids at one end of the pool and hand them each a beach ball.
  • When you blow the whistle, the kids push the ball as they swim to the other end.
  • Yes, throwing the ball is cheating!
  • First one to the other side WINS!


Get your bathing suits, Mom & Dad – it’s time for a pool battle of tag!

How To Play:

  • Lift a youngster on your shoulders and let the kids battle each other from above! The objective is to push the other off the adult’s shoulders.
  • The last team standing is the winner!

“What Time is it, Mr. Shark?”

We all remember “What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?” from our childhood grew up! Same game – different villain. Share the fun with your kids and pass along your childhood memories.

How To Play:

  • To get the game started: an adult will play Mr. Shark and stand at the other end of the pool.
  • The kids will yell out, “What time is it, Mr. Shark?!”
  • Mr. Shark will state a time. The kids will have to take that many steps closer to you. (5:00 will be five steps.)
  • At any point, Mr. Shark can exclaim “Lunchtime!”. Mr. Shark will chase and try to tag one of the youngsters before they reach the starting point.
  • If someone gets tagged, they are now the new Mr. Shark.

Treasure Hunt

This one is for all ages and inspires tales from below the deep… Yaaarrrr!

How To Play:

  • Drop a variety of items to the bottom of the pool (keep them pool-friendly).
  • The kids gear up with some goggles and dive below.
  • They will pick up the items from the deep and whoever has the most treasures – WINS!

Noodle Joust

Get out those wiggly pool noodles and get ready to duke it out with your teen!

How To Play:

  • For this game, you will need at least four teens and noodles.
  • Each person will balance on their noodle and joust with one another.
  • The first to lose their balance and slip off their pool noodle is the loser.

With all this fun, we just want to remind everyone…
Pool time can be a time for family and friends to get together and have fun in the sun. However, accidents do happen, and we want to be sure that your kids stay safe while playing in the pool. Take preventative measures to have a safe and fun summer such as installing a pool cover or pool fence to secure the perimeter when you are not supervising. There are pool covers for every style of pool that will prevent the pitter-patter of tiny feet from falling into the pool by accident. This is where we can help. We recently helped this Okanagan family with an automatic pool cover.

If a pool cover isn’t in the budget, install a pool fence. Our pool fences are removable to keep up with the seasons or to fit the shape of any pool! These mesh pool fences have self-closing gates that will prevent your kids or pets from being able to get into the pool. Stay cool this summer and enjoy your pool and know that your family is protected.
Whether you are looking to reduce your pool maintenance or add extra protection for your family, we are here to help! One of our pool specialists is waiting to speak with you, contact us today.