Pool Patrol’s 2022 Pool Cover Vision: Communication Is Key

May 17, 2022

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The Pool Patrol is back with our first vlog of 2022. We want to get the message out after the wild couple of years we’ve all had — communication is key. We’re stocked up on everything we need to keep bringing you the automatic pool cover expertise you need. We’ve expanded our storage facilities and are doing everything we can to give you the service you’ve come to expect, but we want to highlight that the most important aspect of our service is that we are open, transparent, and will be ready to talk you through anything that comes up. Have a listen to Pool Patrol owner, Allan Horwood, as he brings you the 2022 update.

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Welcome everyone to the 2022 pool season, and this is our first vlog of the year. You know, 2021 was another challenging year. We’re hoping for brighter, better, and easier things this year.

Last year brought us all sorts of challenges. We had supply chain issues, right left and center with the perfect storm. Without going into too much detail (at the end of the day), we had a high demand for our pool safety covers, and we didn’t have the inventory.

There were also some significant price increases last year. It was a perfect storm in the swimming pool industry with the disasters in Texas, high demand, low inventory that inevitably has led to price increases. We’ve worked hard to push back on them, but we can’t keep pushing back forever. It’s not your pool builder asking for more money; it’s not us trying to increase our margins on your pool safety cover. It’s simply a reality. Prices are going up, and we’re here to communicate with you properly about what that price is going to be.

In 2021 we definitely saw supply chain issues. We had problems with some vendors to produce our pool covers, and what we’ve done in working with our manufacturer is that we closed those gaps by providing an alternative for those products that we weren’t getting before. All in the name of trying to make sure you get your pool cover or pool fence on time.

In 2022 the name of the game is to have safe and reliable stock. By keeping an inventory and through our bulk buying program, we hope to meet the needs and have your product in stock when we need it.

With increased storage facilities — in both our Vancouver location and in our Kelowna locations — we plan on having as much inventory as we can get to be ready and pull out that inventory quickly to get to your job site.

So, 2022 will be another challenging year; but an exciting year in the swimming pool covers business. We’re excited to help you fulfill your backyard dreams safely, work with your pool builder, your landscape architect, or if you’re a consumer with a swimming pool — give us a call. Let us know how we can help. We’ll talk to you about what we have in stock and how long it’s going to take. We’ll communicate with you properly.

The 2022 pool season is about to kick off. Whether you’re contacting us in our Vancouver location or our Kelowna location, we have people here to answer your call, answer your questions, answer your emails. Visit our website for more information.

Our pool cover specialists are ready to tackle whatever 2022 has in store and are here to communicate with you every step of the way. No surprises. Contact us to get started.

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